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New Season starts soon, hopefully there are some Big surprises of some brands. Especially there are no Gareth this season? So he will be doing Dior Homme rather? I love Gareth anyway.
Milan TimetableParis Timetable
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I.T. Post

Hong Kong Select Shop I.T produce a magazine each season. Each season they always have the most extraordinary theme and its the best crafted in the Hong Kong fashion and magazine industry. Best typography, best layout in Hong Kong. How good are they? Just look at the images…  

I.T POST 5-1
I.T POST 5-8
I.T POST 5-16
I.T POST 5-26
I.T POST 5-30
I.T POST 5-31
I.T POST 5-33
I.T POST 5-40
I.T POST 5-50
I.T POST 5-54
I.T POST 5-65
I.T POST 5-66
I.T POST 5-68
I.T POST 5-69
I.T POST 5-70
I.T POST 5-72
I.T POST 5-73
I.T POST 5-76
I.T POST 5-83

And the most important thing of this I.T post, ITS FREE!



Source: I.T. Post Downloaded PDF

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Smells Good

Smells Good, smells really good. I am obsessed with candles recently, there are some of the really good candles in London.
CM Capture 10 CM Capture 11
Silly Thing x Colette – Marshmallow Scented Candles (around £22)  

96208_3 96208_1
Cire Trvdon Scented Candles (They separated the flavors into top, centre and bottom inside the candle) Amazing!(£45)

230557295 230557285
Diptyque John Galliano and Diptyque Feuille de Lavande (£37)



I can promise that makes your room smell more good :)





Source: We Could Grow Up Together Blog / Silly Thing Blog / Browns Fashion / julialapin Blog

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Recently I bought the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentry by Loïc Prigent. It recorded the process of Marc Jacobs creating the collection for Spring Summer 07. Throughout the whole DVD, Marc Jacobs was really really busy and his colleagues too. The Marc Jacobs CEO said to the workers that ‘You may not go to home during few weeks before the show.” So its so hard to create a good collection. Teamwork is the key of success!
Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton DVDCM Capture 12
His nutrition diet 

CM Capture 13
Smoke, smoke, smoke. 

CM Capture 14
Smoke, smoke, smokes, smoke, smoke, SMOKE! 

CM Capture 15
Anna’s exclusive runway preview

CM Capture 16
Irina need a nap during an overnight fitting, poor Irina….

CM Capture 17
The making of the patchwork Louis Vuitton Bag, it takes so many days to work on one bag.
CM Capture 18
The big effort is worth it, it comes out really good.

CM Capture 19
The making of a garment.

CM Capture 20
A group of people work on a corset.

CM Capture 21
Finally, finally, finally, he earned his applause!



Source: Screen cap from the original DVD

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Swine Luxury

Swine flu is spreading all over the world, its pretty scary. But anyone thought of it as a business? Now I just photoshopped some pictures that may inspire you. Now everyone is have some graphic treatment on their masks, how about putting some brands on the mask? I will buy that immediately!
gucci-mask lv-mask1
ysl-mask dior-mask
Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL and Dior Mask


Model Source: COACD

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