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I like some products with a humour in it. The Play Coalition provided exactly what I want. Each of their products included a lot of humour in it and really finding inspiration in our everyday life. Here are some of them.

For people who are obliged to wear one to the office but don’t really want to. Subtle.

For those who are sending REALLY IMPORTANT messages

For those who need a shopping bag immediately

Source:  the play coalition


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For my friends birthday, I chose to do a clutch for him. I love the way clutch works, I hate carrying heavy tote or shoulder bag, they are big and you will have a lot of things inside and when the time flies, your bag will become a maze and like a lucky draw. You have to find what you want to find with luck. But clutch never happens, thats why I love clutch so much.

Source: my photos

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I want this kind of carpet material for a long long LONG time, and today I went to a shop in Central Soho – Fang Fong Projects (This is the map) and they have a series of bags that made from this material ( I don’t know the exact term of it ) but it felt like a carpet material. The products are from Shanghai and the brand name is called “mrkt” and they are selling all sorts of products that made from the same material. They also have different kinds of colors that make me crazy and I want all of them. I finally bought the red A4 file case.

One of the satchel bag that I really want from the mrkt online store (RMB 258.00) (Online store in Chinese only)

The tote bag that mix with leather (mrkt online store – RMB550) – (Online store in Chinese only)

Source: my photos / mrktstore.com

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The latest Chanel Fall 2010 show showed two polar bear costume by two male models. US Elle’s creative director Joe Zee wore it down on the street and it’s very VERY interesting to see what the public thought about the snowman costume.

Source: Elle.com / style.com

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Remember the latest fall collection from Viktor & Rolf? The Gear theme that they did? Now Kinekt Design did a similar concept of the moving gear, but this time is on the ring. The wow factor is the gear on the ring can actually MOVE! This is so superb! I think it is really good when you feel extremely bored and you can play with your little ring on your little finger.

Watch the video in action :

Click here to buy it US$165

Source: Kinekt Design via Design Milk

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Sparkles always attract people to have a look, especially the metallic colors, the reflective ones are on the top of that. Star Styling in Germany have these amazing huge tote (what I mean is 60cm x 50cm) with a giant rectangle metallic reflective print on them. It certainly worth to take a look at them and certainly very easy to cooperate with skinny jeans and creepers and white tee. The reflective color comes in so many choices : black mirror / blue mirror / copper matt / disco rainbow / glitter silver / gold matt / gold mirror / holographic / multicolor / reptile / silver matt / silver mirror / white

Black Mirror


Silver Mirror

and he bought the gold mirror one.

Click here to buy the giant tote € 50.00

Source: style clicker / star styling online shop

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Type Thursday

Just want to share some nice typography I browse through the internet today, each have its own statement, each have its own beauty of typography.

All sources: google.com

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