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It’s kind of a continuation of the humour products that I found in the last post. But this time is “Company” in Finland which their product are really inspiring, especially for the parents who have kids.

Double Heels

Winter Collars (Very Miu Miu and I want one!!!!) – 45 EUR

Winter Tie – 39 EUR

Dance Shoes (Very nice idea!) – 95 EUR

Bibimbag Cotton – 115 EUR    Bibimbag leather – 205 EUR

For more information, go to their official website.

Source: com-pa-ny.com


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Tavi at 20

When Tavi at her 20 years old, what will she be look like? One of the student small collection from the latest Hong Kong PolyU ITC Fashion Show gave me a foresee of this. Stephen Fan, made this amazing mini collection named ‘Untitled’. From my perspective, it really looks like the inspiration is come from Tavi, I like the quirkiness of it and the craftsmanship of it. The whole nude tone and the bone embellishment gave me a sense of death but with a touch of fairy tale fantasy.

A bit look a like Prada Fall 2008 Lace Dress and headband

The glasses are insane but they are so well made and look good. I wonder what you will see from the layering glasses.

source: my photos

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As the Central Saint Martin got their show just once a year, the MA talents are really extraordinary. The new forms that really WOW me a lot, especially the following ones. It’s really funny that some new talents of CSM is more creative than the current designers as they don’t got any restrains to create their fantasy. Thats what I love about the newcomers. It just Black, Grey and White, but they are so interesting to watch and I want to touch it and feel the fabrics. When the designers can grab your eyes more than two seconds, then I think he or she is already a successful designer.

Matthew Harding

Anja Mlakar

Tze Goh

Charles Youssef

Shao-Yen Chen

Click the image to enlarge

Source: style.com

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