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Its a really really long time since the last update. Sorry about that because I am start working now and getting lazier and lazier. Anyway, I just came back from Bangkok and I found some really good local fashion boutiques in there. If anyone of you are going to Bangkok, here are my suggestions of the great boutiques.
Most of the best local stores are located in Siam Center. It is so good to shop in just one place with all the best local brands.

It is a local Thailand fashion hub that combines all different kinds of menswear. Their brands selection includes Realistic Situation by Patsrun Sriluensoi, Sunshine by Jirath Sappisankul and Chai by Chai Jeam-Amornrat.

It is a local brand in Thailand. I think they are good mixture of fabrics and some really good prints. Their price is totally affordable. This is the best part of their boutique.

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