I personally contact to Shaun if I can buy this bag or not, and finally I bought this bag!! Shaun Samson which graduated from Central Saint Martin and currently in Fashion East for his SS12 collection. I am amazed by his AW11 collection, it was exclusively sponsored by Woolrich and was showcased as part of London Fashion Week in the Central St. Martin’s MA press show in February 2011.

Pair up with Veda Leather Studded Jacket / Thom Browne Shirt / MONITALY Tweed Bow Tie / Shaun Samson Bag / H&M Trousers / J.W. Anderson AW11 Shoes

Source: My Photos / Goggle

The one and only Fierce, LANVIN. The show was held inside the tent in Tuileries during the heatwave in the autumn. The hottness of it transformed into the power of woman, the fluidity of her, the fierceness of her, the glow of her. Its how amazing that Alber Elbaz transformed each of the model into a powerwoman.

Source: My Photos

From what I see during fashion week, most of the fashion shows are delayed or postpone around an hour. So what would all the fashionista do when they are waiting and waiting and keep waiting for a show about to start? lets count 1 to 10 to see what they most likely to do.


#1 SAY HI!
In order to kill time, the first thing they would do is to saying hi to the people they know, even they hi them in every show.


The second best thing is to play blackberry / iphone to kill the waiting time…


Another good things to do is to GOSSIP! Gossip about what someone did or who with who… its really a good thing to do when waiting a boring time.


Most of the time outside the show will be loads of people handing out free magazines for you to read, its really useful when waiting a fashion show about to start, especially its really boring, reading magazines is one of the good choices.


When you really feel tired and exhausted during the day after shows and shows, the boring waiting time will turn to a powernap time, which you will automatically falls asleep. But its kind of embarrassing.


#6 POSE!
All the paparazzi are inside the show too! No matter you are celebrity or you just sit next to the celebrity, you will always got some shots, so fix your hair and got  snapped! Pose, pose, pose!


The best thing to kill time is to blog blog blog. Either you are professional bloggers or celebrity or editors or fashionistas, blogging definitely kill time and makes sure your blog is keep updating! Its a good habit to do.


Most likely your look is perfect outside the show, given all the street photographers shot your perfect look, its really a good time to fix your look before the show starts and lights up and before you go back out of the show.


A paper fan can save your life during the spring summer season, as last time in Paris, suddenly they got heatwave which everyone was underestimate the heatness of it. A paper fan can cool you down and actually its a good props for posing.


As if you are paparazzi, you want some shots that is ugly and truth. This is the time that all the celebrity is faking it, try to do a fake laugh to let everybody knows they are really good friends (I am not saying that they aren’t). But a fake laugh can produce a really good shot and a really good harmony mood. Haha.

All source: my photos/ google

Speaking of Neon, the spring summer trend (again!), Giacomorelli shoes continue to brighten your eyes this spring summer. I went to their little showroom inside Tuileries and have a sneak peak of their SS12. Colors, colors and colors! and especially I am in love with the neon patent shoes. Obsessed!

Source: My Photos

We all know her through the lens of tommy ton, streetfsn, phil oh, and other street styles photographers. She is well-known by her lovely smile and her fabulous dresses. She is Vika Gazinskaya from Moscow. My friend and I went to her showroom and took a little visit. Her S/S12 collection is base on her cute sketches and drawings which turns out a bold signature print of her.


Source: my photos / tommy ton / streetfsn by nam

Françoise Nielly x IRMDESIGN collaborate each other to create their S/S 12 collection. The spectacular of Nielly painting with the architectural shapes of IRMDESIGN mixed well together to make this bold strong girl look.


This tartan stick pin from etsy shop – from etheral flowers


Source: ehteral flowers etsy


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