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Artist : Liu Bolin

Found it in my email inbox, my tutor sent me this artist who paint himself invisible. Amazing.
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Source: from my inbox

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As I go through the TFS catwalk videos and downloaded some good shows in the past, I found out the Balenciaga transformer legging was a extreme beauty. The best Legs Couturier but I found some information about this legging, it is “made-to-order” and it sells US$100,000 and it even not real gold. Thats bad… but I really hope Topshop got some copies. I want it I want it I want it! I love the black one, it looks so good on the legs.

balenciaga legging

Balenciaga legging 3 Balenciaga legging 4 Balenciaga legging 6
Balenciaga legging 2 Balenciaga legging 5
Click to enlarge for details


Source: all from TFS forum

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New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks had ended few weeks ago. Now lets reflect on what amazing shoes and the upcoming shoes trends they have.

Flats Flats Flats
After seasons and seasons of extreme heights, now the opposite to that, is Flats. I am really addicted to Calvin Klein ones.
Calvin Klein 3 Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein

Chlo Marc Jacobs 2
Chloe / Marc Jacobs

Valentino 5 Louis Vuitton
Valentino / Louis Vuitton

Every season must have, especially spring summer. Warping your foot like an art piece, make it slimmer and taller.

gucci 2 gucci 3

Burberry 2 Burberry 3

Givenchy 2 Givenchy

Fendi Thakoon
Fendi / Thakoon

This season big trend. It also apply on the shoes. Make sure you got a pretty foot to show everybody off.

prada 2 Michael Kors
Prada / Michael Kors

Valentino 6 Valentino 8

Open Toe Boots
It change your height, it makes you higher and higher with a fierce red nail polish.
Alexander Wang Dolce and Gabbana 3
Alexander Wang / Dolce & Gabbana

Extreme Beauty Monsters
Every season got their fierce shoes. Couture shoes and extreme beauty shoes. Here are the best ones.

Alexander McQueen 6
Alexander McQueen 7
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen


Source: style.com / jakandjil.com

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Walking around today and shop these in Causeway Bay. I love huge sneakers with a stony touch, especially I love the glitters at the back.
New Balance Glitter Black

P.S. 2010 Shoes will update soon.

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