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Style Talent

Ok, here is the thing. Style Talent basically is a competition based in Hong Kong and organized by the Hong Kong fashion magazine – Jessica. It is based on our critique on fashion and beauty to judge who is got the best talent of style. There will be 7 tasks in 3 months that I need to achieve. After each task, I need to comment and write a blog post about it and also YOU need to vote for the best article. So I need your VOTE.

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Thanks a lot for your help!
I will keep update some of the tasks into this blog.

Source: style talent in Jessica


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The Red

The bold shoes that Cicata and Regal did is extremely nice. I love the shoes in one tone, not two, just one. It’s really attractive and extremely wearable. This red, is really extraordinary.

Cicata x Regal Tasseled Slip on (¥35,700, around £262)
Cicata x Regal Penny Loafer (¥35,700, around £262)

Source: Huge Magazine / neronis.shop-pro.jp / zozo.jp

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I love shoes, especially some shoes that have a thick bottom (creepers are too extreme, something in between). The Japanese brand “Discovered (ディスカバード)” created my favorite shoes and the wooden bottom just added a little british dandyish into it. Also adore the blazer with a lot of texture and the backpack. The price is also not too expensive too.

Black and Beige patent shoes (¥42,000, around £309)

Black patent shoes (¥42,000, around £309)

Blazer (¥54,600, around £401)

Skirt (¥31,500, around £231)

Backpack (¥18,900, around £139)

Discovered Online shop

Source: obsessee blog / discovered.jp

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Once again, there’s the fantastic picture shot by Nick Knight for the R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen. Paris Vogue in the latest issue revisit and print it in the issue to remind us the century genius. I am just speechless once again and again.

Click the photo for HQ

Source: thefashionspot

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Chinese McQueen

It’s really sad to hear the news about the death of McQueen, but in my opinion, there’s one who can be the nearest level of the McQueen extravaganza. She is Guo Pei (Sorry her webpage is Chinese only), she presented her fall winter collection 2010 during Hong Kong fashion week (I really noticed it now, ha!) Her clothes is all surrounded by the chinese antiques and created the most beautiful garments that can compare with Galliano, McQueen, Gareth, Gaultier… She is truly a couturier and I am in love with her work. Here is the collection :


The shoes is holy shit.
The designer who really potentially walking in the Paris fashion week.

Source: chinaapparel.net / efu.com.cn / fashletic blog

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Cesar Cueva, who brings the idea of architecture and jewelry. And made this amazingly simple but yet really structural ring. It seems like scraps from the floor (ha!) but I found it attractive, if there is a black version, I will even like it more.


Source: Design Milk

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Photography by Augustine Wong / Art Direction by Augustine Wong & Cheung Man Hin / Lingerie by Cheung Man Hin / Post production by Augustine Wong

Source: My photo

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